Captcha enter

Some of the websites have the captcha.
How to handle this kind of situations

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Hi @vivek_sivam

See if this video tutorial helps you

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Hi @KMota
In my case i have like this type of captcha
How to handle this types
That captcha image also changed for every time page refresh

Hi, @vivek_sivam,

if was me…

First Read the simbol + - % x
and if
see where is empty


and folloing your exemple

If symbol its +
Get Valeu1 - Value 3 and type result into empty value

Hi @Luis261980
Can you please give an example to done the things
Which activity we use

Hi @vivek_sivam,
Try using it as below.
step 1: get the captcha text with get text activity and store it in strVar0. for ex. it should be “Solve to Proceed :4 + =15”
step 2: Assign string variable strVar1= System.Text.RegulareExpressions.regex.replace(Trim(strVar0).replace(":","").replace("=",""),"[a-zA-Z0-9 ]","")
So, strVar1 would be + or - or / or *
step 3: Assign two int var intVar1 and intVar2
step 4: inVar1=convert.ToInt32(Regex.replace(strVar0.split("+strVar1+“C)(0),”[^0-9]","")) so, intVar1 would be 4
step 5: convert.ToInt32(inVar2=Regex.replace(strVar0.split("+strVar1+“C)(1),”[^0-9]","")) so, intVar2 would be 15
step 6: assign new intVar3=If(strVar1="+",intVar2-intVar1,if strVar1="-",intVar2+intVar1,ifstrVar1="",intVar2/intVar1,intVar1intVar2)
step 6 should give you the value needs to be enter in captcha input text box.

hope this will work for you.

Hi @Deepak94
Could you please create a work flow for this

Send me the link of it.

Hi @Deepak94
Captcha has been changed dynamically for every refresh

Yes. this is only option to handle this type of captcha

Which one assisted by @Deepak94 ?

Hi @vivek_sivam,

PFA Workflow and let me know if its works for you or not.

Thanks! (2.9 KB)

Hi @Deepak94
Thanks for your effort.
I’m try to execute your work flow i’m getting below error
Can you let me know what should i need to do. I thing i need to add browser some thing

Which browser you are using?
I used IE.
Please indicate the selectors of attach browser to entire webpage.


Hi @Deepak94
I have used chrome

Changed attach browser also is there anything else i need to change

Hi @vivek_sivam,
Have you changed the browser type to chrome in property section?
Please try to indicate the website page

Hi @vivek_sivam,
here you go. (2.9 KB)


Hi @Deepak94
I have used your latest work flow getting below error. i’m doing mistakes but don’t know how to fix

could you please delete the old workflow and its Project.json and copy new workflow again ?
because I did not used this selectors anywhere in the workflow.


Also make sure you that you have UiPath extension installed properly.