Unable to remove rows which contains zero from excel

i need to delete rows form table if “0” is there in total column.
check below tble

i am filterring table using filter data table using filter “total” = “0”

but getting same output as original data

if i use "contains"instead of “=” then it is removing that row also where values are like 100 / 250 which i dont want.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

In the filter data Table wizard,

Add more condition with OR logic
“Total” = 0
(zero should be without Double quotes)

Can you please try.


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HI @Mathkar_kunal

By using linq query:

(From row In yourDataTableVariable.AsEnumerable()
 Where row.Field(Of Integer)("total") = 0
 Select row).CopyToDataTable()

issue got solved but still update me where to write this query

In assign activity and the output is datatable.

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