Filter Column less than or equal to zero

Hi, I want to filter the excel column less than or equal to zero. How can I achieve this in excel itself.

Do you mean remove the rows?

yes, to remove the rows

Hi @nagini.pragna ,

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Please use below expression in Assign activity to filter the datatable for values less than 1

d1.asEnumerable.where(Function(x1) CInt(x1(“ColumnNameTobeFiltered”))<1).copyToDatatable

This expression will give a datatable with required rows. Let me know if you need any workflow.

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Load the sheet into a datatable with Read Range then use Filter Datatable to remove the rows, then write back to Excel with Write Range.

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Did we try with a simple method of using FILTER DATATABLE activity

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Thanks For the reply, I tried using macros and it is working fine.

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