Unable to read .log file

Hi Friends,

I’m executing Unix Commands in putty and storing all logs in .log files.I’m unable to read .log file after command execution facing below issues while reading.


  1. The action cannot be completed because the file is open** in another program
    2)The action cannot be complete because the file is open in ssh telnet and rlogin client
    3)One or more errors occurred.

Kindly help.



Once you stored all the logs, you can disconnect the putty session

After that you can able to read the log files

If you done the same please share the screens of the error


@chandini_dudekula- you can’t access same file for different operations…
1- during the execution if you want to read the file -> you can create a copy of log file with a diff file name -> read the file and delete the copy… it will not give you above errors…


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