Reprint Last Log Message

Out of curiosity - is there a way to reprint whatever the last log message was?

Attempting to read the current log file seems to crash the bot - probably because trying to read/write the same file causes it to crash.

I was wondering if the log messages would be stored somewhere in a memory location that we can access before being sent to orchestrator or the execution log files

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We can handle this in many ways like
Either we can use log message activity and put logs we want to see in studio itself along the output panel and it will get notes down in the orchestrator log and studio feed execution log as well
To note it down as a notes
Instead of log message we can write that as notes to text file using APPEND TEXT activity so that it will get notes down to a text file

Yah probable this happens when the log file size is too big to open

Yah of course that’s possible
— in studio in execute tab we got an option called OPEN LOG FILE where we can see all the execution logs without going to orchestrator

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @melkinsblackbook