Unable to read files inside a zip folder

Hello UI Developers,

I am Unable to read a file which is Inside a zipped (.zip) folder. Error says file not found.

Can you help on this?

Note: I am trying to get size of file using FileInfo. Its working fine in a non zipped folder.

we need to unzip the folder first with INVOKE METHOD or with the package UiPathTeam.ArchiveLibActivity and then use Directory.GetFiles method to get the file we want

Cheers @Ravi_Chotaliya

But my requirement is such that I cannot unzip the folder. Then is there any way to get file properties inside that zip folder?

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sorry buddy
we need to unzip the folder else we wont be able to access file
and thats not even possible even when done manually, same does uipath
Cheers @Ravi_Chotaliya

don’t sure I’ve understood correctly but if your need is retrieve just the size of the file maybe you could read it after “opening” (not unzipping) the compressed file:
can it help?

Yes, that will do. Just opening the zip Folder and reading the file size and I want to Implement this using UI Path.


Check this attached xaml, ZipFilesCheck.xaml (5.2 KB) I have tried with https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=DotNetZip, which is a open source component.

You can include that in UiPath using Package manage as shown below,

And in the Import section you need to import Ionic.Zip once package successfully included.

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Cool! its working. Thanx! @sarathi125

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