Zip and Unzip files


This Nuget package has two activties.

  1. Zip - It can zip Folders.
    Eg: SourceFilePath: “D:\Folder”
    DestinationFilePath: “D:\”
  2. UnZip- It can extract Files from folders.
    Eg: SourceFilePath: “D:\”
    DestinationFilePath: “D:\Folder”

Activity (24.5 KB) (33.3 KB)
ZipAndUnzipFile.Activities.1.0.0.nupkg (4.6 KB)

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i have downloaded the NuGet package and placed it in the packages folder. Yet, it fails to work. Kindly assist.


@Amitha Please install the package from studio in order to use the activity. Go through the below link for more information:


Hello @Priya_Dubey I installed the package and trying to using the zip activity but i got this error please advise


Please mention the destination path as a folder path. As i can see in the screenshot that you have given destination folder as “C:\Users\ks1853332\Desktop”. Please try with something like below:


When I run “Un zip file” activity, it has thrown this exception: “End of Central Directory record could not be found”, I don’t know what is mean. This is the my DestinationFilePath: “D:\RPA\ITS\Files\Datas” and SourceFilePath: “D:\RPA\ITS\Files\Datas\123.rar”, please advise


How to unzip .gz file

Hi, nice package.

I have a “.gz” compressed file to uncompress. any package more generic for different descompression formats?


Does this handle Folders as well as Files?


Currently this package handles folders only. However in case you need to zip a file, then you can get this working by using a temporary folder.

For zipping:

  1. Create a temporary folder
  2. Move file to the folder
  3. Use the activity to Zip the folder

For Unzipping:

  1. Unzip the archive folder
  2. Move the file from temp folder to required location.


do you have any example of ziping ? is not working for me :C


Hi @naotosx,

The below activity is having the zip and unzip files with password production. It will help you.

Before go to the example , please install this package.



Hi @balupad14,

There are zipped files to be decompressed, the original filename are named with UTF-8/Big5.

When I tryed to decompress the zipped files with your activity,
no matter the Code Page property set to either (65001)UTF-8 or (950)Big5,
I always get garbled file names.

Seems like the Code Page setting does not work at all, please help!

Thank you


Let me check and get back to you. If you have any sample files pls send me? It would be very helpful…

Thank you



Here’s the sample code, yet the zip file can’t be uploaded
testUnzip.xaml (6.3 KB)


Hi @Jeffrey_Jelico,

please check this .

Can you try with 936 in the codepage.

Note :slight_smile:

Other wise send me the file my message. I will let you.



Hi @balupad14

Here’s the zipped file(created with Traditional Chinese OS) I got: (83.5 KB)

And my unzip sample code:
testUnzip.xaml (6.3 KB)

Encoding with Big5(Traditional Chineses):

Unzipped Folder:

Unzipped files are all with garbled filenames:

Note: How to run your sample “” with UiPath? I found this project a blank xaml. Please advice, thank you!


Hi @Priya_Dubey ,

I’ve tried out your unzip activity, unencrypted compressed files works fine with it,
however this unzip activity apparently cannot decompress encrypted files.

Following are my sample code, but the encrypted zip file can’t be uploaded, you can make one by yourself for testing
testUnzip.xaml (6.3 KB)


Hi @Jeffrey_Jelico,

I am working with this one. I will let you once it is finished it.

Thank you