Unable to publish on Orchestrator

Hello everyone,

Until today I never had any proble to publish my project on Orchestrator but today for one of those I have the following error message : Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. An error has occurred.

On the same machine, I tried to do the same think with other project and that’s worked so it’s not a connection issue.

Do you know how can I fix this issue please.

Please find details of logs in attached file and I use 21.4.4 version.


2023-03-27_UiPath.Studio.Project.zip (24.5 KB)

You can try to update/downgrade your activities and see again what happens.

Hi @stary,

I did it on a previous version, but that induce a regression on my DU activities so on all my process, as you can see below. That’s the reason why I would like to avoid that.

@stary ,

Just to complete my previous post, I update packages but I should to modify some things in my process. However, I have the following error message : “System exception at initialization: Attempted to access an element as a type incompatible with the array. at Source: Create Document Validation Action”
So I can’t to creante activity in Action Center. This is an other issue but the update of the packages does not solve my publishing problem, I did the test.

If you or anything else have an idea to resolve these issues.

Hmm… I would try debugging and adjusting process to the updated activities. Probably type of some variable/argument used in this activities doesn’t work anymore.

Hi @stary,

The process run well in debug.
To resolve the issue of publication on Orchestrator I create a new REFramework, copy paste all variables/arguments and invoke workflow and copy/paste all dependencies… in this new project and that work good.
However my issue due to update packages is not resolve that’s why I keep older version.

What about different processes? Does publishing works for them correctly?

You haven’t mentioned whether you are using Cloud (Community/Enterprise) or Private (On-Prem/Cloud).

First thought if you can publish one Project but not another is to look at the file size of the created nuget package. If you are using a Private Orchestrator instance you could review the Service Logs to reveal the actual error message in the Windows Event Viewer.

This has come up a few times for our developers are they temporary drop files in to the Project Space and forget to remove / exclude them before publishing, or inadvertently include a growing collection of screenshots that are unused, etc.

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Hi @stary ,

Yes I can publish correctly all my processes correctly,

Hi @codemonkee,

Thanks for your suggestion. We are using On-Prem version.
We already checked if it was file size and it was not that. That was confirmed after that I recreate the REFramework from scratch and add all workflows, variables… to publish my process and that work, the size is the same as the previous one.

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