Error publishing project "Publish of workflow project to Orchestrator failed. The Operation has timed out."


I also verified that the orchestrator is connected to VDM


Provided screenshot is not sufficient to help you. Can you please click on details and share the exact error details. So that we can check and help you better.

Hi @Rani1,

Could you share if you are facing this issue for all projects publishing to orchestrator via studio or just some specific project?

Also, please share screenshot of publish window, which feed you are trying to publish to?

Can you try publishing another project and share back your observations?


Lets assume following:

  • Orchestrator is correctly connected
  • Permissions are valid and sufficient

We identified in a scenario with the same issue that inside the UiProject a folder with data / e.g. downloads did result to a package with a huge file size. But the data were obsolete and after cleansing the much more smaller package waspublished to Orchestrator sucessfully.

So check following:

  • can there be done a cleansing before publishing
  • publish the package (cleanse the project also) to a local directory and try to publish it manually

Which UiPath Studio / Orchestrator version is in use?


Yes, the issue was related to size, so I published in a custom method and uploaded manually and it works no

Thank you !!!

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