Regarding Level3 assignment 1

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I have completed the UI path certification level3 assignment 1. I have submitted it as zip file but is showing the result as below.Attached screenshot below.

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Check the assignment evaluation result then you get know more details.

Have you reset the ACME data before uploading zip file ?

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No I have not reset the test data before uploading zip file.

check this

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Thank you all for your Help. I have solve the errors and submit test and clear it successfully!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats @VaishnaviBaradkar

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:grinning:Thank you

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Hi, I am facing the same issue, I have completed the Assignment-1, zip the entire project with all folders and submitted it. It evaluated and showing the result as FAILED as shown in below image. I tried twice but still the same.
I ran the project, it worked fine and i did not reset Acme System-1 data as well.

Please help.


Try to run your project on different machine and without resetting test data submit your zip file. Make sure when you insert the client-id, client-name and country
on SH1 Site. Please follow the provided guidelines by that document.(Without any spaces you insert it on SH1 site )

Hi @VaishnaviBaradkar - Thanks. It is resolved.

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Hi Team,

I Am Getting the same error , while Uploading the Asssignment…Kindly Find the screenshot


Uploading: Assignmet 2.PNG…