Advanced Training - Assignment 1 Evaluation (0/100)


Like others, I am having issues with the evaluation of my assignment (0/100). Here is a video of it:

I’ve checked the following things:

  • Spaces or brackets in the hash search (ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry)

  • I don’t reset the data before submitting

UiPath hasn’t responded to any of my attempts to learn what the error is. Any help is appreciated.



Hey @bdale04

It is clearly with your hash.

(ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry) in this pattern Client Name contains a space as well but in your video the space is getting lost. So you are generating a wrong hash.

and this you can debug easily by maually chekcing with one entery and try to generate manually hash of that and cross checked with your robot generated because your are not getting even 1 item correct so you can pick any item WII5 and open status.


Hey, I do not know how you eliminate the spaces, but you also eliminate the space in between first and last name. I would bet my house that this is the error :slight_smile:

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Well depends on needs in first two Client id and Client country they are mostly without words space things.
in name if you will omit the space then it will treat as a different thing.

You can use simply Trim that will handle about your space problem.


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Hi @bdale04,

Checked your video. You are missing the space between Client’s First and Last Name , you need to retain that space.


Steps I follow to Ensure Correct Evaluation:

(a) Run your workflow as many times as possible and check if everything is as per requirements
(b) Once everything is working as expected. Reset User Data on ACME System 1
© Check how many Work Items have to be processed manually (Just the Count is enough)
(d) Run the WorkFlow , cross check if all the items have been processed as expected
(e) Zip and Submit the workflow. Good Luck !

Nithin Prabhu

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I have the same problem with the evaluation of my assignment (0/100) Failed. I have generated the hash-code manually and it is exactly matching with my bot Hash code, not sure why it is still failing. Can some one help please?hash-calculate