Unable to open workflow created in 2019.10.0 in 2019.4.4


I have recently faced an issue, a bot developed in 2019.10.0 version into another system having 2019.4.4 version.

Error : Error detecting in project version

Please advice.


Hi @Greeshma_sripada,

Its simple. Just delete the project.json file from your project folder and then open the project in uiPath Studio. A new projectjson file will be created and your issue will be resolved. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the UiPath community @Greeshma_sripada :slight_smile:

Welcome to uipath community
Yah delete the project. Json file and try once
But still if the inner activity or not getting displayed then go to design tab->manage packages-> in project dependencies downgrade the package version and try once

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Greeshma_sripada

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Thanks, the solution is working

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