Unable to open PDF file using Start process

I am trying to print all PDF files from a particular folder.


  1. Read PDF files from folder : working well
  2. Using Start Process : Adobe does not open the file and gives an error. The file name is without any spaces.

Attached is the xaml built so far.

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

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Attached is the Adobe error and output from UiPath showing the file name being read.


HI @pawan

Did you cross check the actual file path & the file name to make sure whether your workflow is looking for the same?

Yes verified it is the same.


Are you getting any error if you open it manually. Try it once and let me know.

No error when I open the file manually. I tried with multiple files it gives me the same error.

I have finally found the proper solution for getting ‘Start Process’ Activity working. Please see screenshot below:

As you can see I have mentioned directly the .exe name and .pdf file name directly.

try using open application pass the pdf name in the argument property.

I have faced the same issue when opening the pdf file. You can open the pdf file using below steps

  1. Create a variable X with datatype as System.process
  2. Add Assign Activity and assign X to Process.Start(“Your File Path”)

Hope this works !!



I am facing this issue, Is there any solution for this?

Please refer : Opening PDF from a folder fails - #4 by ClaytonM

If item is the file in a ForEach that you want to pass in the argument field, then you can do it like this:


The 4 quotes on the ends should embed a quotation mark on both sides of the file. You can also verify this with a message box or write line and check if the filename is correct.


Use Assign Activity

  • Import namespace System.Diagnostics
  • Create a variable X with datatype as System.Diagnostics.Process
  • Add Assign Activity and assign X to Process.Start(“Your File Path”)