Unable to move towards previous page using send hot key (f4). Is there any other activity in uipath. Please suggest me

Hey mohammed,

do you mean previous page in browser?
If so, try the “Go Back” activity :wink:


Cheers, Lukas


it looks like you have not selected a target for the hotkey activity to work in.
Click "Indicate on screen"and select the app that you want to click F4 on.

to go back to the previous page
–use attach browser activity and selector the whole window as a element
–then inside that container use a CLICK activity and click on the web page at any point without being a element (like without any field or button)
–then next to that use SEND HOT KEY activity and use key as back
this will take to the previous page of the web page

hope this would helpyou
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mohammed_zain