Unable to login the website

Hello Team,

I’m unable to login into this website as there are no selectors for this Login page.

Before Login into this page, had to check that this website is already login or not. If it is not login then the bot should login every time when it opens browser.

Could anyone please help me in this problem.


If you need to check the login successful or not, then you can check the home page fields available or not. If it is available then it is logged in successfully.

So the login page error you can try using Anchor base or Image click or send hotkey to make the cursor inside the username field.

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Hi , Please use element exists actvity for any element which will display in Home page (OR from any page which lands after Login)
It will give you output of Boolean Variable with true or False

Then use Flow Decision / If condition to check the above
Boolean = True
That means the application is already logged in
use Attach browser activity to attach to Login page browser and do the login sequence

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