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Hello, I am a beginner on UI Path and I need to make a robot that connects to a website and extract data.
I would like to make my robot versatile, and I would like it to work whether the user is already logged on the site or not. I don’t know how to check this condition properly, without using image or text recognition.


You can use “Check app state” activity to check if the website is showing you input fields to enter username and password. If not, it means that some user is already logged in.

If you can tell me, which website you want to automate, I can guide you what exactly to check

Thank you, but I don’t find this activity. Could you be refering to “Element state Change trigger” activity ?

The website is Ellipro

If you navigate to activities panel in UiPath studio, there you find a filter icon. Click on it and then click on “Show Modern” and then you can see “Check app state” activity under UiAutomation activities. If still not available, update UiAutomation activities package.


Or else, you can use “Element exists” activity, save output to a boolean variable and then use if condition to check element exists or not.

In the Ellipro website, you can check for existence of UI elements like Mail address input field, password input field and ‘To log on’ button. As soon as you open that website, if those fields are not available, then it means that webpage didn’t load properly or someone already logged on.

if you want to know some user already logged on(or else you can skip above steps and directly jump to this step), check for existence of user icon(as we see in UiPath forum) or any other static element which loads after logging in.

If you can provide a screenshot of how the webpage looks after logging in, I can guide you.

I didn’t know there were “hidden” activities in the panel. I ended up using the Element Exists activity, checking to see if the “Forgot Password” text is present or not. I don’t know if it’s better or worse than the Check app state activity, but it seems to work fine. Thank you!

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