Unable to log in to ACME website

After clicking the Log In button, it redirects me back to the login page even though the password is correct. Have also tried creating another account and encounters the same issue.

I’m halfway through the Certification course, any advice on whether the login issue will be persistent?

Is not working, we are going to miss one chance!


Yes, the site was down. Please try after sometime.

I seem to be experiencing the same exact issues that were previously discussed in this thread. Is the server experiencing an outage again? I am logging in with valid credentials, but the page seems to just refresh itself without letting me in. I have tried clearing cash, private browsing, etc. but nothing is working. I appreciate any assistance you have to offer!


Might be site is under maintenance, Please log in after some time and see if the issue still persists.

Pavan H

Same Problem

Facing same issue… Any update?

Facing the same issue.
@loginerror Could you help with this issue?

Login is working. Please check now.

Now I am facing issue with upload of the file? Is it a problem with me anyone else also facing the same issue.

I am facing the issue with login.With valid credentials its not logging in.

worked for few minutes than it’s stopped working, I have the certificate timer running and I can’t debug or complete my final project for certification.