Unable to locate selectors


Has anyone completed this rpa challenge?, i am facing difficulty in finding the correct selectors for some of the labels and its value. Except the Name and Address1 other labels order changes for each iteration, can anyone help in finding out the correct selectors for those dynamically changing labels.

Hi @Raju23c

Maybe Computer Vision package could help here?
Hard to tell. It looks like a cool challenge though! :slight_smile:

thank you for you response, i have no idea what that is, how do i proceed with that? Could you please guide.

Hi @Raju23c

Please find the below link for your reference using this you can get to know an idea about this

Please see here:

As well as our Forum category here: #releases:computer-vision

Thank you @loginerror i will try using this

@tamiltr Thank you your response, it contains only in the xml format, i am not sure how to refer from this.

I am unable to enter the CV API key (copied from the Orchestrator) in the CV scope activity, it seems to be disabled, could you please help me out.

This is a strange issue. What is the sign of the field being disabled?
Are you sure the workflow is not in the Read Only mode? (silly suggestion, I know).

If not, which version of the CV activity package do you have installed?
It sometimes helps to do this to fix some misbahaviours:

  1. remove these two packages:
    Computer vision
  2. Install Computer Vision in the latest stable version (this will also download the UiAutomation package which is the dependency).

This way you should have Computer Vision package with correct version of the dependencies, which might be the issue here.

These are the versions i am using.

Uipath Studio verison - v2018.3
AI.ComputerVison version- v2.1

This is not in a read only mode and i have removed the dependent packages(UiAutomation) and reinstalled the new version of Computer vision package, not sure what is causing this issue.

Maybe @Cosin will be able to help here.

Hi @Raju23c

Have you download with documents which are updated in that GIT directory, in that there is the document name “Automation Challenge - UiPath Brief - Shortest Path_RoboDucks” in this document you can able to find which xml is performing that particular action