Unable to load Get Workbook Sheet Activity

I have developed my script in one studio which has only the UiPath.Excel.Activities I have use the Get Workbook Sheet activity in my code. But when I open the same script in a seperate machine where so many other activities are installed (almost all the available packages). I am getting an error saying, Unable to Get Workbook Sheet workflow…:-/

Why is this happening, I could resolve this in one PC by uninstalling bunch of unused packages. Again I have same issue in another machine. Can someone help me with identifying the unused package?

Hi @urweeraratne,
The question is why for particular process you need all packages included? Why you will not use only this packages which are required for the process?

Hello @urweeraratne,

Did you check that versions of uipath and activities are same?


Well actually um not the one who set up these studios. As a practice original users has installed everything they get on community downlods. :-/

@Pankaj.Patil I have checked the version of Excel activity in both machines. Earlier it was at a lower version, but upgrading it also did not work. I could solve it by uninstalling the unused packages. But my problem is how to identify which cause the issue…:-/


would you attach your workflow so I can open it in my studio?