New Item to "New From Template" in Start page

In the Studio Start page, we have the ability to directly create a new project either by clicking on Process or Robotic Enterprise Framework. However, since we now have the Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework, I believe that we should add it to the start page along with the existing REFramework template. So people who wish to use the normal REFramework can use the existing option while the people who wish to start the development using the Enhanced REFramework can also get the template generated directly without the need of going to GitHub and downloading the template.

What do you think?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I am not sure it is the time to do it just yet. You can, however, add it once and save it as a template for future use.

As such, I would personally not add it directly to Studio just yet. It is simply much more complicated and you should use it when you actually need it.

Hi @loginerror

I noticed that it is much complicated than what we already have. But I wonder, what are the special situations that it is useful to use the Enhanced version? Can you provide a example situation where it is much more suitable than the normal REframework? Iā€™m actually curious to know why use it and why not use it :slight_smile:

Personally, I used it in the past to chain multiple framework processes under one master framework process. The chain processes were Tasks within the master framework :slight_smile:

It allowed me to have a separate framework for each task and catch the errors independently from the master framework :slight_smile:

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I marked the topic as Completed as I believe templates solve the issue for now :slight_smile:

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