Unable to install Studio

Hi guys,

Can someone please help me with the below? When I try to install UiPath I have the following error:

More Options screen shows empty…

Can’t install Studio on my desktop but had to issues on the laptop.

Any ideas?


Hi @Hugo_Grilo
Try to connect with machine key

It will work

Nived N

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR, thanks for your reply

I don’t have that option :expressionless:

More Options

but no options…

Already read the docs and several threads:

Tested with no AV, no Firewall, whatever else I could think of, and I also don’t have anything weird in Event Viewer…

FYI: my desktop connects online via powerline, but I never had any issue so far (2 years now) with any other software. No issues whatsoever.


Solved. Uninstalled everything related with UiPath, reinstalled and now is working fine. Thanks anyway.

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