Can't install Studio on new machine V2019.10.4

I want to install Uipath Studio on a new machine, but i’m getting this error message at 5% on the progress bar:

Log file : Bundle_20200318001131.txt (17.3 KB)

Your help is much appreciated people !

I have a few questions to understand this better:

  1. Is this a fresh installation of uipath studio?
  2. Where are you downloading the setup from?
  3. In the log files the folder path shows up as : C:\Users\a776849\Desktop\Desktop\UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe. why is there 2 folders as Desktop?

This might be files being corrupted, if you are having this problem for the first time, try rebooting the computer, downloading the installer again and retry.

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Yes that was the problem, i re-downloaded the installer and it’s working perfectly now !

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