Unable to Insert Data Table Into Access DB

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please help me to understand how we can insert the Data Table to Microsoft Access Data base.

The connection to the Microsoft Access DB File is Successful and used Insert activity, which throwing following error.
Insert: Syntax error in FROM clause.


Buddy kindly check if any column name in the datatable ClaimDT is with gap in between their columnname like First Name…it should be First_Name or FirstName…if so kindly remove those gaps as we cannot create a table with table name having space in db…

Kindly enclose the both the tables TBL MEDICAL CLAIMS and ClaimDT with square brackets like this

.Moreover kindly check once whether the columns are in order as such in db

They should match exactly

Cheers buddy hope this would help you


Much appreciated for your kind explanation @Palaniyappan .

It’s really helped.


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Thats amazing…

Cheers buddy.Keep going.

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