Error while trying to append data to existing MS Access Database from UiPath DataTable "Insert: Syntax error in FROM clause."


I placed data from an Excel workbook to a data table using the Read Range activity. The Excel Sheet has the same column names and data types as the Access table.

I’m getting the error “Insert: Syntax error in FROM clause” when I used the Insert activity for inserting the data table to the Access database table in UiPath.Database.Activities package.

Please share if you have had an experience with this. Would appreciate any assistance with this.

Can you share the insert query

when you use this Insert activity, please make sure in any of the column values there are no words like ‘From’, ‘Like’ etc., basically any sql key words. If you have any, replace them with any short foms.

@meghna.b.das did you try the solution ?

Sorry for the delay in response. I got caught up with some work.
So, these are my Access and Excel table columns below -