Database syntax error

hiiii I’m just working on database and I’m looking it add data into my existing database file, it’d showing that syntax error is wrong in insert into statement. Plz let me know how to resolve this.

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Actually its correct, kindly try that once in your db itself and check whether its inserting or not buddy… @venkatmalla6


yes buddy gotcha, the names in column has space in it, while in db you cannot have space between columns, like first name, last name

Remove that space and check with column names in db and enter them in same order here as well


thanks buddy,let me check it and i get back to you.

Great, kindly let know if it works buddy @venkatmalla6 or lets sort this out


no buddy its not working same error is showing,have a look my database file.

Sequence1.xaml (5.2 KB)
this is my xaml file.

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Buddy did you try to execute that query in the db manually…is that inserting buddy @venkatmalla6

yeah i tried it’s taking manually.

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great, try to mention the db column name like this
insert into database ( [first name],[last name],[hr],[status]) values(…)

The reason is first and last are keywords in access db buddy, and we should not mention the db keywords as table columnname. i think thats the issue, it will work buddy this time

Kindly let know buddy whether this works or not @venkatmalla6

let me check it and one more thing if the connections are not good is there any possibility to get these type of error.

No Buddy connection wont show error with syntax, and it has no count on it, it would rather show error with connectionstrings only…this must be the issue, the keywords been used…

ok,i don’t know why still it is showing same error.

xaml buddy…

Sequence1.xaml (5.2 KB)
look at this.

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this one also buddy
insert into [database] ( [first name],[last name],[hr],[status]) values(…)
Sorry i missed it @venkatmalla6

Still buddy…? @venkatmalla6

thanks buddy,now it works,made my day

Cheers buddy @venkatmalla6

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