Unable to give the output value for data table while reading data from CSV file

Hi,I’m new to UIPATH,i’m using community trail version,while i’m trying read the data from CSV File,its asking to give value to the output in properties panel of Read CSV File,i have given value as “dt” to store the data.but it is showing an error information is “compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “dt” dt is not declared .It may be inaccessble due to its protection level”.
Please help me regards.

Thanks in advance.

@gsrinivas May be u have not declared dt variable, If u have declared dt maybe scope of the variable is not matching the variable u have used, change the scope of the variable.

Hi @gsrinivas

You will want to declare your DataTable variable in the variable pane:

(you can choose the specific by clicking the drop down menu and choosing “Browse for Types…”)

Please check out this link:

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You will have to first declare the Variable then you will be able to use it like this -

Got it…
Thank you

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I have created variable also,but just realized variable type needs to change.

Thank You

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Best response I could imagine.

I should add that to add a variable you can either create from the variable pane or pressing CTRL+K in the Output box, and then typing the variable name (this way the variable will be created with the type needed)