Datatable declaration error on ReadCSV operation


The attached is the error message while trying to declare a datatable to hold the values from a ReadCSV operation.

Help needed in being able to declare the variable for processing.

Just type CNTRL+K in the DataTable text box and then mention the name of the datatable variable.
This will add dataTable variable with the given name.
Alternatively you can add variable from the variable pane which can be seen in the bottom of the designer panel.


When I use Ctrl+K, define the variable and hit an , the following message is displayed.

Hey @prasadt

just click on your Read csv activity then go to output property and hit ctrl+k.


Hello @prasadt to create variable, activity must be in a Sequence activity,
so first add Sequence then add your activity.

Perfect. I was missing to Add Sequence. Now I have added the Sequence activity and then, Ctrl+K and defined the Datatable.

But didnot understand the funda of Ctrl+K. It is not demoed like that in the toutorial

Hello there,