Unable to get content list for confluence JIRA


I am using confluence application scope and after providing end point , username and password it is showing my connection as valid.
My Jira LInk : “https://jira-sdesk-dd.s2-eu.Mycompanyname.com/sdesk
But when i am trying to get issue list it is showing me following error .

My requirement is i want to get description from each issue and work on that description and send / update again in jira.
What needs to be select in command in get issue list.
Kindly help me on same.
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Hello Mathkar,
It looks like the confluence server returns a character that generates an error on the interface. Please use raw REST API commands like in this movie to avoid this issue:

Cristian Negulescu

I have seen ur videos but is it possible by using those jira confluence activities ?
Can i able to fetch data directly from those activities ? as my connection is valid and working fine when i am using atalasian jira trial version but not with my company version which is on server.
I just have link of my jira , username and password with me to test.

If you work with Issues you need to use JIRA connector and as I see in your picture my connector returns an Error on your Data.
So the solution is to use direct REST API movies, or you can use the Jira connector made by my colleagues from here:

For the Correct configuration of the server you have these videos:

I have seen all movies which you shared but u able to get all issue information when you run the command in get content list .don’t know what is the issue with me.

Understand contact me on Linkedin:
and I can do a 10 minute zoom with you maybe I will understand the issue but please be sure that you have everything prepare before we start the zoom.

is this issue is resolved or you still facing the same issue @Mathkar_kunal

yes still there is issue


Hi cristian i am finaly able to connect to my link .
some modifications are done in backend on link for access and after that it is validated and i am able to get issues and description .

Thanks for your videos and suggestions.
i will let you know if any further help is required.

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