OAuth2 connection for Jira and Confluence (Configuration REST API)

How to configure OAuth2 connection to Jira and Confluence

0:00​ Intro UiPath Stuff
0:45​ Creat App on https://developer.atlassian.com/
1:10​ Get Client ID and Secret
1:20​ Add application
1:50​ Set Callback URL
2:15​ Authorization URL
2:30​ Scope=offline_access%20
3:00​ Allow application access
3:20​ Extract Code
3:45​ Make call the first time and Get Refresh Token

Hi @Cristian_Negulescu the solution you presented applies to Jira Cloud / Jira on-prem/ both?

@Adrian_Star this Oauth2 configuration is for Jira Cloud. The connector that I create on MarketPlace is working also with Jira on-prem and here is the configuration:

The last time I looked at these packages, it was not a solution from your site with the activities worked out to perform operations on JIRA on-prem, so I made a connection to JIRA on-prem based on HttpClient: API JIRA ON-PREM (server) - Complete API Solution in VB.NET code for UiPath
Has anything changed in this topic?

Hello Adrian,
My package is this one:

If you want to do your connection directly to REST API with HTTP REquest you have these videos:

cristian negulescu