Unable to find the element on web application

I am using Type Into Modern activity to enter some value in web application.
For some reason I am unable to find the element on the screen. Getting below error.

@shruthi_arali means you are not able to make selector. Try with UI explorer


As per the error…you would have clicked on edit target on the activity…

And the target element is not on acreen or you might be using some variable which is making it mot found

You can make it available on screen and then click on edit target


This is the error exactly.

I am not using any variable .


  1. Check the window selector…may be the window title is changing
  2. Is the id changing…please re indicate and check


Title I made it dynamic


Ui5-type might be varying …

Also as there are multiple classes they might be shuffled as well…copy this selector…reindicate and check the differences

That is when you would know what the problem is

Also…as your totle is * if multiple chrome windows or tabs or open…it would consider the first tab or window