Unable to find path

I am attempting to open (2) from two different drives on a server. I am accessing the files through RDC. I need to compare the variable from both files. The filename is the same on the both drives.

1ST FILE - I am using a Read Text file from the D: drive - FILE OPENS WITHOUT AN ISSUE and variable is returned as expected.

  • File Location β€” D:\Adf\Process\Verimove.rpt

2ND FILE - I am using a Read Text file from the E: drive -

  • File Location β€” E:\Adf\Process\Verimove.rpt
  • Unable to find path or
  • One or more errors occurred. Exception Type: System.AggegrateException

How do I resolve this issue?

If I change the 1st file using Read Text File to the E: drive - FILE OPENS WITHOUT AN ISSUE.
I removed the 2nd Read Text File

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If possible can I have a screenshot of the error in your studio and the screenshot of the read text and it’s property panel as well
That would help us to go in a right direction

Cheers @bwilliams