Assigning Variable from "Read Text File" not Working

In my process I have a bunch of separate text documents that contain a single Excel file path. For each text document, I “Read Text File” and set the output to a variable (Str_ExcelPath_1, Str_ExcelPath_2, etc). I am then passing those string paths to Excel scopes later on. This works fine when I run in Studio. I can change the path in the text document and that will be reflected when the process runs. When I’m running from Orchestrator, however, the “Read from Text” output variable doesn’t change from what was in the text file when I published the project. I’m not using relative paths in the text documents and Orchestrator is running from the same VM that I’m running Studio on, so it’s not like it’s trying to access a path that doesn’t exist.

Any idea what could be going on? Below is an example of what I’m trying to do:


From the above image, it seems to use relative path in FileName property of ReadTextFile activity.
It will read from text file which extracted from the published package.
Or do you means you set absolute path in the property?



Hey @BobRoss

The text file you are passing currently present in the project folder, but I guess you are editing a different file from orchestrator which the bot doesn’t know.


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Hello @BobRoss

Is this “Variables” a folder which you created inside the project folder??

If your files are outside of your project folder, suggesting to use a config file and you can put the folder path over there. Then read the config file and use the correct folder path in Activities.


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The “Variable” folder was in the projects folder. When I changed the text file path from relative to absolute it worked.

So I guess the answer is: Use absolute paths when reading files from Orchestrator. Orchestrator doesn’t seem to run from the folder path from which is was published, so in my case it was looking for a folder called “Variables” and it couldn’t find one.

Thanks everyone for their help!

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