Reconciliation of two reports


I was running the automation and it worked perfectly till the second vendor in October month,
afterward, I’m getting the error, the excel file not found. I used the saved value for the month and was using that for further evaluation. Is it because a path cannot hold more than a particular number of saved values that I came across this error. Please advise. Thanks in advance

You might have to post the whole workflow, including variables or arguements in order for us to help you

Sure @Jersey_Practical_Sho ill send the details asap.

but one doubt i have is that is there any limit to the number of saved values that can be used during run time?.
I was able to do a work around and solve the problem

If you mean variable as opposed to saved value then you can have as many as you like.

Are you cycling through rows and performing actions on each row of the excel sheet?