Unable to find package UiPath with version (=

I have just developed my process in the local using the folllowing dependencies:
Screenshot 2021-11-24 115715

However when I brought it into the VM. The output pane showed the following error messages:

NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath with version (=

Another thing I observed, is that I can run some workflow files in the process without any problems, however it hits an error when the “Open Browser” activity is executed. The error is:

Also, what version does this refer to:
I refering to this line in the above screenshot:
NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath with version (=

Can someone help me to solve this NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath with version (= error?

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you.


In manage packages window, near to search option there will be a filter option

Try enabling include pre release and search for that version


You can copy the nugget file from the machine where you have it from this folder path
%ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages .

Copy that file and paste it in the same folder path of your VM
Then get back to manage packages → all packages and search for that package and install it

Or even if that doesn’t work you can downgrade the version and give a try
It will still work

Cheers @Robinson_Francis

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I have not tried the other suggestions yet. But I was trying to downgrade the package. But I couldn’t understand what it is meant by "UiPath with version (= " in the error message. Because I don’t see this version among my dependencies:
Which dependency it is referring to?
Thanks again. Also this while I am referring to the codes while they are being run from the Studio in VM.

packages can define dependencies also to other packages. e.g.,

this issue maybe comes from the reason, that the VM doesnt have access to the interent or is blocked for downloadin other dependend packages from feeds. had you checked this also. Maybe have also a look to the Windows Event manager on the VM and filter for UIpath events. often we do find some hints for such issues