Unable to find out SetupExtentions.exe /chrome

during the Web Record, I was trying to lauch Chrome but its popup that chrome extention is not installed so I installed and in next steps it popup to install the extetion thru the command prompt but I am unable to find out SetupExtentions.exe /chrome in UiPath folder.


Hello and welcome to the community. In UiPath Studio please go to Tools and on the right pane you will see all the extensions. Please Install the browser extension from there, close the browser and reopen.

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Hi @Girish_Bhoot,

After opening your UiPath Studio, please go to Home tab, then go to Tools. Now you will see the UiPath Extension pane. Now download the UiPath Extension for Chrome.

Please follow the below image.

Hope it will help you.

Thanks & Regargs,

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