Switching Project Mode from Modern to Classic in UiPath Studio 24.2.1 Community Edition

Hello UiPath Community,

I am currently using UiPath Studio version 24.2.1 Community Edition and I’ve encountered an issue. I am unable to find the option to switch the project mode from Modern to Classic. This issue persists both at the studio level and the project level. Could anyone guide me on how to enable the Classic Design Experience in this version of UiPath Studio?

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Gohar_Ali

Please check the below thread:


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@vrdabberu thank you

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HI @Gohar_Ali

If you find the solution please do mark as solution to close the loop.



If there is no specific need of Classic design, I would suggest to start using Modern design as Classic design is poised to depreciated in near future.

UiPath also didn’t provided official option to switch it back to Classic design what we have is only hacks to switch to classic design which will be patched in coming updates.

Ashok :slight_smile: