Unable to find Classic activities in UiPath Studio

Hi Team,
I am using UiPath Studio 2024.10.1 Community edition, In earlier versions we were having a toggle button for selecting ‘Modern Design Experience’. Now by default Modern Design activities are selected, but i wanted to use Classic activities. I tried to navigate to Backstage View > Settings > Design and Project tab > Project Settings > General but I was unable to find any option for Classic activities.
So how I can use Classic activities or UiPath has stopped the use of Classic Activities all together?

Hi @19learningcurve

Go to activities Panel


Enable classic

In the modern version of UiPath you don’t able to switch classic design but some classic activities can be used by enabling classic in activities panel.

Hi @19learningcurve

Check this


Hi @19learningcurve

Check the below thread,

Hope it helps!!

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