Unable to find ML Packages in AI Center

How to add packages such as form extractor, OCR, Intelligent form extractor in document understanding tab in OOTB ML package section. I cann’t find these packages while creating a new package. Let me know how can I add these. Also, I have a air-gapped setup for automation suite 23.4 version.

Hi aditi,

You will not be able to see form extractor or OCR in ML packages page since this page is exclusively for ML extractors and the page shows the list of all available OOTB ML models.
You can use form extractor from studio only by creating a local template. OCR related activities are also available in studio.
Activities - Form Extractor (uipath.com)

But I need to provide an endpoint url for extractor to work which will be getting from ML Skill, right? Then how can I proceed?

For Form extractor, the public endpoint will be automatically loaded when you first use the activity.
You just need to create a template and provide your API Key.

I have an air-gapped setup in my organization which does not comes with an API Key.