Unable to find insights on My uipath cloud

I am not able find UiPath insights tab on cloud can you please help me.

Hi @hm00776818

Click Add services and select the insights then click add.

ininsight service not showing


Did you have administrator permissions on your Automation Cloud?
Only a user with administrator permissions on Automation Cloud can enable Insights for a tenant.

Hi @hm00776818 ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath community.

Make sure that you are using the UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Edition, as Insights may be a feature specific to the Enterprise version.


is it availble cloud?
cloud.uipath.com or it will be only on premises?


UiPath Insights is not available if your using community license. You can avail Insights in these licenses as mentioned in the thread. You need to buy those.

For more about licensing, check this:

Try the enterprise trial version there.

How can i get enterprise trail version


Insights is a premium feature only available for enterprise and not for community

to activate enterprise trail go to admin → licensing → start pro trail


i changed to pr licence but it not showing insight unser services


Can you please show a screenshot…or try to logout and login again and check the services

pro trail ideally has insights - admin->tenant->services->enable insights


under service not able to find insight


is the pro trail lciense activated?

and did you relogin again?


Hi, UiPath Insights not available community version.
you need to start enterprise trail version.

and then go to admin then tenant then services and from add services you can enable UiPath insights as shown below.