UiPath Insights - Guide

1. Guide to get UiPath Insights Access


Ensure to meet the prerequisites for enabling UiPath Insights.

  1. An Enterprise Automation Cloud account.

  2. Insights are not available in the Community version you can update to enterprise trail for 90days which requires only company email and no other personal email ID’s are valid.

  3. We need to meet the Automation Cloud software requirements.

    Now, if the above prerequisites meet, follow the below steps to enable the Insights option:

  4. Log in to the UiPath Automation Cloud and select the admin option from the left navigation pane.

  5. On the Tenants, find the tenant you want to enable Insights for, then click the selected Tenant.

  6. Click on Services → Add Services (a list of services with a checkbox is provided) which is on the top right.

  7. Check the box of Insights. After checking the Insights box, click the save button.

  8. To provide designer permission firstly user must have insights designer license assigned from the license section users or groups allocate that license (Automation cloud Admin section)

That’s all, and now in the left navigation pane, the Insights option will be available within a few minutes.

2. UiPath Insights - Dashboard Creation

Pre-requisites :

Make sure the user has Designer role in Insights to Create, View and Edit the dashboards.

  1. Click in Manage Access
  2. In the Manage Access Page, click on the “Add New Users“ button.
  3. Enter the Email ID of the user, enable the “Designer” checkbox and click on “Save“.

Creating a Dashboard

  • Click on Create New Dashboard, enter the dashboard name and click “Save” button

  • In the Dashboard page, click on Edit Dashboard.

Creating a tile for displaying the number of queue items marked as Business Exception

  1. Click on “Add“ button and select “Visualization“.
  2. In the Explore, choose Queues.
  3. Rename the tile as “Business Exception Count”
  4. In All Fields panel, click on “Queue Items Count“ measure.
  5. Click on the “Settings“ button in Data panel and select “Create Measured Filter“ option.
  6. In the “Edit custom measure“ window, select Field to measure as “Queue Item Count“ from dropdown menu, rename the Custom measure and in Filter dropdown menu, select “Processing Exception Type“ as “Business Exception” and click Save button.
  7. In the Visualization panel, click on the “Single Value”, so that the count of queue items would be displayed.
  8. Click on “Run“ to refresh the data and visualization. After the refresh, the visualization gets loaded.
  9. Click on “Save” button to Save the dashboard.

Creating Folder Filter for Dashboard

  1. After clicking on Edit Dashboard, click on Filters and select '“Add Filter“ option.
  2. In the Add Filter window, select Folder from the menu.
  3. In the Control menu, select “Tag List“ and click Add button
  4. Folder filter is added to the Dashboard screen.

Creating Date filter for Dashboard

  1. In the Add Filter window, select End Processing Date option from the menu and click Add button.

2. In Control menu, select Time Frames and in Default menu, under Presets, select a preferred value.

3. Click on Add button to view the filter in the dashboard.

Creating Alert for a specific Tile

  1. Click on Alerts option in the Tile.
  2. In the Alert window, create condition, provide alert recipient email ids and set the Frequency.