UNable to find else if activity and uipath core activities

I am unable to find uipath.core, activities and else if in activities pane can anyone help me with this

Is any filter applied in the activities pane?

@Spark_robot No filter has been applied

For understanding can you pls share a screenshot if possible?


@Seema_Jethe , And also confirm this package installed?

@Spark_robot yes this package is present

@Seema_Jethe Correct me if am wrong, I can see If in your image which is shared

Check “Else IF” instead of “If else” please

@Spark_robot i have checked else if is not present it’s missing

Please update the package and check if possible @Seema_Jethe

which package should i update

First check with Uipath system activities then go with Uipath Ui Automation activities

@Spark_robot thanks your solution helped

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Glad that I helped you @Seema_Jethe

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