Can't find Else If, If, Parallel and Switch in workflow control


I’m new to UiPath Studio. While doing the online tutorial, I can’t find Else If, If, Parallel and Switch in Workflow control.

Can anyone assist me with the setting or explain why I can’t find all those elements?


Hi @shafiran,

Normally it is not happen, it seems a very rare case, If you cannot find the If, Else If, Else, Switch or Parallel activities in UiPath Studio, it is likely that you are using a version of UiPath that does not have these activities included by default. Give a try by following below steps,

  1. Open UiPath Studio
  2. Click on the Manage Packages button on the ribbon at the top of the screen
  3. In the Manage Packages window, click on the All Packages tab
  4. In the search box, type the name of the package you want to install (for example, “UiPath.Activities” for the official UiPath activities package)
  5. Click on the package you want to install, and then click the Install button
  6. Wait for the package to be downloaded and installed
  7. Once the package is installed, you should be able to find the If, Else If, Else, Switch, and Parallel activities in the Activities panel in UiPath Studio.

I attempted but was unsuccessful. I’m not sure if the version of the UiPath Studio is the reason of why I can’t view all that. My version is 20.10.9.

What version of System activities are you using? Since Studio 20.10.9 it’s pretty old you should give it a try with System package 20.10.x build.

The version of Studio isn’t the issue. It’s the version of your UiPath.System.Activities package (dependency). Packages are where the activities come from. You need to upgrade your UiPath.System.Activities package.

However, since your version of Studio is SO old, it may not support the newest version of the package. Bit of a catch-22. Why are you using such an old version of Studio? Upgrade it.

Thanks Everyone. I have installed the latest version 2022.12.0. I have all the features required for my online course. Thank you.

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