Unable to export the file and save in path

@ovi @ClaytonM @Dominic m trying ti export the file from sql developer through UI and giving path the save the file as .xlsx it showing as saving but I am unable see the file in that path even tried to chek with hidden files need help asap please…

Hi @sambana_karunakar,
is that working when you done manually?
can you explain the complete steps you are doing?
try logging the save file path location, and verify that?

Yes I m able to do that manually and the file is saving in the speicied location.

I clicked on export button and entered the file path clik finish button and if any overwrite popsup I click Ok then file exporting to location and stop the bot. But no file found when I go to the path. And note it is always asking me overwrite or not popup window. My question is when there is no file in the folder how it could pops up with overwrite window.

are you using any relative path for saving the file? if yes try hardcode some path like common drive and try again?

I did with hardcoded and changed the path locations as well

Just a thought, but sometimes if you close the browser window or tab which you were exporting from before the download is complete, the download fails to complete. Normally, you would wait for the file to exist before closing such windows. I don’t know if that will help though, cause it’s hard for me to make a suggestion without seeing how the website interacts with exports.


Hi @sambana_karunakar,

In your type into activity, can you hit enter after typing the path. Probably that will change the location to the specified folder. Not sure about the amount of data you have in there, good to try with some delays before typing the path as the data might take time to populate the file.

Also if you are specifying just the file name instead of absolute path it might get saved in the UiPath project folder where you have your xaml files.

My files saving in c:\users\karunakar\filename.xlsx but i gave a path to save the file is c:\users\karunakar\documents\test\filename.xlsx not why bot saving file by default in users profiles folder. can you help me pls…