Unable to use Exchange mail activity in Windows compatability

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As Legacy compatibility is getting faced out, We are converting legacy to windows. But it looks like, Windows doesnt support Exchange mails. Is there any other activity we can use to tack this situation.

FYI - We cant use SMTP or outlook from desktop at our org.
Reason we used Exchange activity is they support 2 factor authentication using azure ID’s

Hi @divyaShree_gupta , Firstly welcome to the community.

Yes your understanding is correct. Windows compatibility doesn’t support exchange. Even if you try to lower the Mail package version, the exchange activities will be missed.

I see that you cant use SMTP or desktop outlook. Have you tried O365 outlook activities ? O365 activities helps you resolve your problem also support 2 factor authentication using azure ID’s

Refer below guide document for more details

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hello @pavithra_pavi , No i have not tried O365.

can you share xaml file or screenshot to understand on this?


Can you try UseOutlook365 which is included in Mail activities package? Its activities name is exchange-application-card and is designed for exchange online.



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Hello @Yoichi , I tried to look for the activity. Below attached is i see in manage package

please share details on how to include the package?

Here you go with screenshot

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UiPath.Mail.Activities package is installed as default. We can find it without adding extra package as the following.



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Hello @Yoichi , ohh right!, i recall now. Sorry i missed adding in my problem statement. We tried this activity as well. It doesnt help us in our case.

we have production server with service account. we have 1 mail account which linked with azure ID’s. And also, in our production server, No outlook is installed. That is why we are chose to use Exchange activities earlier. When we used “Use outloook 365”, it opens a outlook web with login page for server service account. i.e., 2 factor authentication prompt.

I should clarify my about statement by pointing out that, the server account doesnt have mail account. So, when we used our 1 email account, it throws us error stating mismatch between URL mentioned in azure. (im guessing even though we used active mail account, the 2 factor in web trying to match details for service account)

Hello @pavithra_pavi ,This worked!!! thank you so much. i have been struggling on this for a week.

This is a great solution.

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@divyaShree_gupta , glad to hear that solution worked. Please mark it as solution so that it can help others.

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