Unable to download/upload files from/to FTP server


Please try the steps:

  1. “Open FTP session” activity and configure the connections in the same activity.

  2. Drag “download” activity inside “Open FTP session” activity.

  3. Do not configure the connections in the download activity as you have already configured in “Open FTP session” activity.

  4. Put property details in download activity and check the output. Attaching sample workflow for more details.

FTPactivity.xaml (7.0 KB)

If still the issue persists follow the below steps:
Increasing the timeout value in your FTP server (Manage FTP Site->Advanced Settings->Connections) and check.
Also, ensure there is no firewall enabled.
Please check with your IT team if

  • Verify port 21 for FTP and Robot services are allowed through firewall.
  • Also verify port 22 in case of SFTP


Hi @PranayaSahu

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Hi @PranayaSahu,
Can you check this :


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Hello i am try to update the version you put, but i have this error: