How can I download a file from Mainframe via FTP download activity?


I am trying to download a file from a mainframe server with ftp download activity.
I am providing ftp and other details in configuration. and using “D:\test\filename.txt” and “W3322.FILENAME” where W3322 in root directory followed by filename.

I am getting below error:
Iserializable type ‘System.Net.Ftpclient.FtpCommandException’ does not have a valid consuructor

Attaching the screenshot for more details.


The error itself hides the true error.

What you’re basically seeing, is that for some reason during the execution the exception info was serialized with json and that exception type does not have a constructor that could be used to deserialize it.

This is linked to an issue in the Json.Net package itself:
Deserialization error when using a custom JsonConverter with ISerializable types · Issue #780 · JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json · GitHub

Without access to what is happening inside the activity you’re using I can’t help any further unfortunately :frowning:

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