Unable to download JNLP file using Edge browser (UiPath 2021.4.4 version)

Hi Team,

We are facing the issue on client’s server that is - robot is unable to download jnlp file and applet is not getting launched whenever bot tries to hit the URL on Edge browser.Meanwhile if we try manually then jnlp file gets downloaded and applet gets launched. And we have never faced this issue in IE browser.

Can anyone let us know what could be the issue in Edge browser? Is there anything that we are missing?
Kindly find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Thanks in advance!


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Actually this is not the bot issue.

Try with HTTP Request to download the file.


Use the Element exists and One simple click activity to download the file.

If you get this pop up the bot will click on keep to download the file!

It is like if we have file in a folder and we’re trying to download the same file with same name, File explorer asking us to Replace the file right.

We can handle this kind of situations by using Element exists



issue is with browser. Oracle application doesn’t support Edge and chrome browsers to launch JNLP file refer java web start - Launch JNLP file in MS Edge - Stack Overflow.

please do workaround (for specific task of JNLP launch) before migrating browser.