Unable to download each PDF file from each link in table

Hi there!

Ok, here is the scenario…

There is a set of links to download PDFs…It could be one link or could be 20 links. Extract data is fine via data scrape. Using For Each Row to target the word “open”, which is the link to the download screen.

Here is the problem…The bot opens, downloads and saves the PDF on the LAST one in the series of links, yet opens the other links preceding it in sequence.

Like this if there were 5 links for download…
Link1…open, no download, no save
Link2…open, no download, no save
Link3…open, no download, no save
Link4…open, no download, no save
Link5…open, download, save

No errors noted. It just does not process it.

Looking for any suggestions. Been wracking my brain on this for a few days.


hi @Ed_Puente

if you have endpoint (URL ) for the PDF , you can try to use HTTP request.