Can not download attachment from outlook

Hello community,

I created a process where I try to download attachments from outlook emails.

There is no error messages when I run , but the attachments are not downloaded. See the process and the output below


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Please check the subject of the mail by giving a message box which you are reading is containing the attachments .

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–kindly check these stuffs
–your workflow looks good, we need to check with get outlook mail activities,
–check whether the property ONLYUNREADMESSAGE is enabled or not and if enabled we need to make sure that we have atleast one mail in the inbox as unread and that unread mail should have a attachment with it
–or the property TOP is kept more that 1 or 2 else it wont give us mailmessage along the output variable
–and finally if we have any filter applied iin the Get outlook mail activity kindly share the expression so that we can have a check on it
else we are doing good

Cheers @the.christopoulos

I do as you say! Could you have a look below? :slight_smile:
Get Outlook :slight_smile:

For each:

Save attachments:


Of course my mailbox is according to the filter needed unread with attachments.

Also to mention, I have outlook 365, running the moment I execute the process in UIpath.

hmm it looks good
is the Inbox folder from where we are reading the mails and are they in unread condition

Cheers @the.christopoulos

Where do I set the folder where “get emails” save emails in order to “download” attachments?

The input for save attachments is set but I am not sure what is wrong there.

no buddy
i meant like is this the folder from where we are trying to read the mails

Cheers @the.christopoulos

And then , where are the mails stored in order to be the input for “download attachments” ?

This is the .xaml I am using.

Could you please have a more thorough look?

Download.xaml (7.7 KB)

Please check the proper file path for saving attachment a.eml file.

I have chosen “” which means that it will save it in the folder where the .xaml file is! Right?

I made a try and chose one path in my documents folder. Still nothing happened!! Is there anything that might be missing? Did it work in your pc? @Jay_manapure ?

hi @the.christopoulos

if you want to same in the same .xaml folder then leave it blank and as per my guess just let me know - you are getting your “Yes” message box while executing?


@aksh1yadav I left it blank and

  1. I get my “OK” message
    2)I click on “OK”
    3)Process ends without attachment saved

:sob: :

blank means with " " (Empty Quotes) right?


yes , “”!

Could you try to run the same .xmal in your desktop and tell me if you get an attachment?

Yes… I am able to get :slight_smile:


Is there any possibility that the security settings of my PC have to do with this issue?

Hi @the.christopoulos,

Try saving outlook attachments in your local folder ( user/AppData/local/ ). Plus make sure that you have admin rights and there shouldn’t be any firewall restrictions.

Hope this would help.

You think that the problem might be that I do not have admin rights in the active directory?