Unable to download a file to a required folder from MS Edge

I am using type into to type
in save as pop-up on the MS Edge browser. but the PDF is getting downloaded in
“C:\Users\DEV_DAY\Documents\Projects\BACK PACK\34WE\PRO Email Attachments\2099\COPPER WIRE LTD\691230\Rev 0”

I have tried all the Input modes, But not working.


Please indicate the element again…when you hover your mouse over the type into area you will see two boxes…you would have indicated inner try indicating the other one

Also try using click before typing


If you are using simulate type into then you have to make sur that in your file explorer file Name extension property is checked otherswise even you are passing file path it get save into previous downloaded location or default location.

To enable file extension

  1. open this PC
  2. from above tab select view
  3. check file name extension and hidden folder property

After this setting you can save your file in required location

Or else
Just uncheck simulate type into property and check send window property and it will work

note : make sure you are passing full file path in save as popup eg : D/2023/may/22/filename.pdf

Hi @Sun_Dar

Do not write the following path using Simulate or Chromium.
You can try with Hardware Events of Send Windows message for type into activity.

That will work!


I have selected the inner selection, It did not work with all input modes. So tried with outer selection still no luck :frowning:

The very first try I have did with ‘Hardware Event’ and then ‘Window Message’ still it did not work, Then tried other input modes. :hushed:

Hi @Sun_Dar

Can you try using Set Text as well, if that works?


Use a click activty on the field where you type

Then use a type into activity …remove activate option and also for type into you can give full window also or the same element


@jaydeep.lunagariya Thank you Buddy :slight_smile:
The 3 steps you mentioned above, That Practice sorted my issue.

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